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Upload your resume

After purchasing, you'll upload your resume by filling out a quick form. We also ask for any relevant information our reviewers should know when reviewing your resume, as well as links to any particular job openings you're targeting.


Receive your video reviews

Within 48 hours of uploading your resume, you'll receive an email from us with links to your video reviews from the 3 experts. Each video will be 5 to 10 minutes long, providing a huge amount of feedback with which to perfect your resume.

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Start getting job interviews

Once you've incorporated our experts' feedback, your resume will start generating much better results -- namely, more interviews!



Hand-Picked Experts

We’ve selected our reviewers from the thousands of resume writers & career consultants so you don’t have to.


Your Resume, Your Voice

When you incorporate the feedback from Resume Workshop reviews, your resume will still reflect your voice. Contrast that with paying for a resume writer, where you might not recognize yourself in the final document.


Multiple Opinions

When you apply to jobs, your resume is seen by multiple different hiring managers. So you need multiple opinions — not just one opinion from a single colleague or career counselor.


Fastest Results

Is there a job you want to apply for ASAP? We’ll get you feedback within 48 hours, which is the fastest way to take your existing resume from perfectly optimized for that job opening.


Much More Affordable

Our price of $69 is many times more affordable than the $200 or even $1,000 that professionally-written resumes cost.


Nail the Best Practices

Resume trends come and go. Make sure your resume is presented, formatted, and keyword-optimized according to the most current trends and ATS systems.

money back guarantee

Our Promise

We believe so strongly in our service that we guarantee every order. Receiving personalized resume reviews from 3 different Resume Workshop experts is the most effective, affordable, and efficient method to improve your resume. If the reviews we deliver don't meet your expectations, send us a note within 30 days explaining what you were unhappy with, and we will refund your money. Job seekers who use Resume Workshop get tremendous value from our service. We know you will too, and we put our money where our mouth is with this 30-day money-back guarantee.


“I was targeting jobs in NYC but hadn’t moved there yet. I was getting no bites from employers because of this. Resume Workshop showed me how to better explain my relocation, and then 3 companies in NYC called me for interviews.”

Robert S.

IT Analyst

“I was transitioning careers and had no idea how to ‘package myself’. Resume Workshop suggested adding a summary section — this was huge. I know it worked because I got questions from my summary in interviews constantly!”

Natalie D.

Health Care Professional

“As a recent graduate I didn’t know how to create a strong resume. With the feedback I got from Resume Workshop, I transformed my resume into a masterpiece, and the rate of interviews really picked up.”

Amit H.


“I like the fact that I ended up receiving 3 different critiques, including feedback on format, content, design/style, wording, etc… A bonus is that you get the satisfaction of knowing that you wrote your own resume, which also makes it easier to know by heart and talk about in interviews.”

Alexis O.

Digital Marketer


We handpick and vet all our experts, only working with professionals who have years of experience in recruiting, resume writing, hiring, career counseling, or some combination thereof. They are all North American and native English speakers.

Glad you asked. Most of those free reviews are automated; your resume is simply run through a program that spits out a scripted, generic assessment. Try submitting a few different resumes to those services and watch as the resulting “reviews” are 95% identical.

By contrast, the reviews you get from Resume Workshop are truly personalized, human experiences. Three different hiring experts sit down with the background information you provide and verbally walk you through their advice for improving the resume. If you’ve provided a link to a job you’re targeting, they incorporate that as well.

The entire review is recorded on video, so you can even notice visual cues that a written review wouldn’t capture. It’s like being a fly on the wall of a hiring manager’s office as they look at your resume.

Yes. It is imperative that your resume be optimized for ATS, and our experts certainly take that into account.

Not at all. Our experts are all North American, but our customers come from all over the world!

Anyone targeting jobs in the US or Canada will benefit from our experts’ professional and cultural fluency with these markets.

If you remain unsure, just email us your situation, and we'll let you know whether we can help with your resume.

Your resume, obviously.

We also give you the opportunity to provide any professional information or context that is relevant. If you are changing careers, for example, that would be highly relevant information you’d want to provide. Or perhaps you’ve been freelancing for a couple years and are now trying to become an employee again. Et cetera. Each of us has a unique professional story and direction, and the more of yours you can provide our reviewers, the better your reviews will be tailored to your specific needs.

Lastly, if there is a particular job you are targeting, you’ll have the opportunity to include a link to that job listing. This can be helpful because you should be tweaking your resume for every job you apply for, and our reviewers can orient their reviews accordingly.

Each reviewer records herself by video as she reviews your resume. So the final product delivered to you is 3 videos, one for each of the reviewers. You will receive a link to all three videos by email once the reviews are complete (within 48 hours)

No. The experts review record their review of your resume privately, as a monologue. That video recording is then sent to you to watch whenever you like.

Your resume is only seen by our reviewers and perhaps a couple other staff who handle the Resume Workshop logistics.

We are sensitive to the fact that some job seekers want to protect the privacy of their resumes, particularly if they are applying to new jobs while employed in a role they intend to vacate.

If you still feel uncomfortable, we invite you to anonymize your resume before sending it to us by removing your name and other identifying information from the document.

We guarantee a 48-hour turnaround time from the moment you submit your resume to Resume Workshop.

No, the reviewers have no contact with one another about your resume. Each reviewer’s feedback is unique to him or her.

While there are definitely best practices when it comes to resumes, some of the feedback you receive from our reviewers is bound to be subjective, based on their own expertise and opinions.

We believe that receiving a variety of opinions and feedback is actually a good thing. After all, your resume will be seen by multiple hiring managers and recruiters, all of whom will have their own opinions.

That said, if you get competing feedback that leaves you confused, don’t hesitate to contact us at, and we’ll provide our best assessment for how to proceed.

Yes. In most cases our experts run their own independent practices as either career counselors, resume writers, or recruiters. If you would like additional help related to your career or job search — cover letter assistance, LinkedIn profile writing, interview prep, overall strategy — we can pair you with one of the experts to take advantage of these services.

If you’d like one of the experts who reviewed your resume to provide a follow-up review after you’ve implemented all the feedback, let us know and we’ll arrange it.

If you want assistance actually implementing the feedback from our reviews, we can pair you with one of the reviewers to get that done for an additional fee. Since you watched them review your resume already, you’ll have a great sense of whose style and approach you like the best so you can hit the ground running.

Generally, our experts can help not only with your resume, but also with your LinkedIn profile, cover letters, interviewing, and career counseling overall.

Yes. The price to have 3 experts review your LinkedIn profile is the same as for your resume.

While we don’t offer these services directly, most of our experts do as part of their own independent consulting practices. We can put you in touch with one if you would like these services.

It is common for our customers to receive their three reviews, then determine they’d like to work more deeply with one of the experts who reviewed their resume. When that happens, we make the introduction.

Resume Workshop is a service to review your resume, not write it from scratch. So without a resume, no, you can’t use our service.

With one exception.

If you want reviews of your LinkedIn profile, we can do that whether or not you have a resume. The service is similar: 3 personalized reviews of your LinkedIn profile, at the same price.

Our experience shows that most job seekers want to write their own resumes -- but with a helping hand. So Resume Workshop offers personalized resume reviews, not resume writing.

Our experts will show you how to get more interviews by improving your own resume. If you want to avoid implementing that feedback, we can pair you with one of your reviewers to actually edit and/or rewrite your resume for you (for an additional fee).

3 expert reviews in 48 hours