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I had heard countless horror stories from job seekers burned by bad or unethical resume companies.
At the same time, I knew that there are in fact tons of committed and effective freelance resume writers, real artisans who treat each resume document with craftsmanship and professionalism.
Realizing that a marketplace could bridge this gap, I set about building Resume Workshop.
Will Smith
Founder, Resume Workshop

Our Goals

Read on to learn what we believe makes Resume Workshop valuable.

Take the RISK out of choosing a resume writer

Choosing a resume writer is a significant decision. It typically costs a few hundred dollars, which can feel especially risky if you're unemployed.

There are many wonderful resume writers, professionals who are committed to helping clients communicate their value on the page to get the job they desire.

We want to ensure that you work with just such a professional and avoid resume companies that churn out resumes from an assembly line with no quality control.

Take the TIME out of choosing a resume writer

Quality is the most important factor when choosing a resume writer, and we take care of that for you by only allowing qualified writers on Resume Workshop.
That alone will save you tons of time.

But there are many other factors to consider as well. Process and revisions. Price, of course. Industry specialization. Even having chemistry with your resume writer is important, as communicating your professional history in the best possible light requires a personal connection.

So in addition to just bringing together the best writers in one place, we surface the most important criteria about each writer right there on their profiles. That way you can see at a glance how each writer measures up to your criteria.

You can browse through 10 resume writers in 10 minutes on Resume Workshop; doing the same using Google and hopping from website to website would take you well over an hour.

Finally, once you've identified a writer or two you think you'd like to work with, Resume Workshop makes it very easy to evaluate exactly how each writer would handle your particular resume. By enabling you to easily receive a personalized video review of your resume from a writer, you can see exactly what to expect should you decide to hire that writer — all without spending any money.

Help resume writers find more clients

Resume Workshop is a two-sided marketplace, meaning we help not just job seekers but resume writers as well. The platform enables resume writers to access potential clients who are looking for help with their resumes.

We want to see the best resume writers thrive. These are professionals who help job seekers understand their own value and how to communicate it so that they can march confidently forward in their careers.

Contact us

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. Just email us at help@resumeworkshop.com.

That's also the way to reach us if you are a resume writer and want to explore a presence on the site.

We’re located in downtown San Francisco. If you are too, let’s get coffee.
Taya Craig
Paige Judnich
Karonica Paige

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