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What is a video resume review?

Your resume writer will record themselves reviewing your resume by video.

That means your resume will be on the screen and the reviewer's face will be overlaid in the corner so that they are visible as they talk you through your resume.

See some examples here.

Since it is recorded rather than a live conversation, the resume writer has the flexibility to do the review whenever it is convenient (within the 48-hour window of receiving the resume) rather than having to carve out a specific block on their calendar.

This is more convenient for you as well, since it spares you too from having to find availability on your calendar. You simply upload your resume and receive a link to your personalized video review within 48 hours.

If you'd rather speak live to a resume writer you like versus receiving the video resume review, that's fine too. Just make sure you select No to the relevant question on the Get Free Consultation form. That way we'll know to arrange a time for you to speak directly with the writer rather than sending them your resume for review.


Can I use Resume Workshop if I don’t yet have a resume?

Certainly. On the Get Free Consultation form, simply indicate that you do not have a resume to upload.

We will still pair you with a resume writer, who will produce your resume from scratch rather than basing their work off an existing resume.

Rather than a video resume review, your first interaction with that writer will be a conversation about your situation and needs.


Are the video resume reviews done live, as a conversation between me and the reviewer?

No, in most cases.

After you upload your resume, the resume writer will record a video of themselves reviewing it, and you will receive a link to that video.

The exception is when a resume writer does not offer free resume reviews to prospective clients. In that case, the free consultation takes the form of a phone call between the two of you, rather than the video resume review.


How quickly will I receive my resume review?

Writers on Resume Workshop typically prepare a video resume review within 48 hours and often more quickly than that.

You will receive an email with a link to the review when it is ready.


Can I receive more than two reviews?

The purpose of the resume reviews is to enable you to efficiently evaluate two vetted, hand-picked resume writers in order to then contract one of them to produce your resume.

If, after receiving your two reviews, you want to evaluate another writer or two, let us know at help@resumeworkshop.com and we will likely arrange it. But please understand that we want to respect the writers’ valuable time and only request that they produce a video review for someone who is truly in the market for resume writing services.


Do I have to submit my resume to use Resume Workshop?

Not at all. You can browse the resume writers on your own to identify the best writer for you.

That said, one of the most powerful features of Resume Workshop is in fact the ability to receive personalized videos from two different writers speaking to your actual resume, telling you what they would do to improve it and how much it would cost.

The videos give you a sense of exactly what you will receive from the writer before you commit to spending any money. You also get a sense of the writer’s personality and approach, two very important elements when evaluating resume writers.

So while you don’t have to submit a resume for review by writers, if you are serious about working with a resume writer, we believe submitting your resume is the most efficient and safest way to select the best writer for you.


Is there any commitment when I submit my resume?

No. You are not committing to working with a resume writer or otherwise spending any money when you submit your resume to Resume Workshop.


Can I have my LinkedIn profile reviewed?

Yes. If you would like to have your LinkedIn profile reviewed instead of, or in addition to, your resume, include a link to it when you submit the form, and you will receive video reviews of it in the same style as the video resume reviews.


Do writers on Resume Workshop offer cover letters, interview preparation, or other career counseling?

In many cases, yes. We have included a section on each writer’s profile, Additional Services, where you can learn what services beyond resume writing the writer might offer.


How will Resume Workshop protect my privacy and the confidentiality of my resume?

Your resume is only seen by members of our staff and the resume writers to whom we send your resume for review.

We are sensitive to the fact that some job seekers want to protect the identity of their resumes, particularly if they are applying to new jobs while employed in a role they intend to vacate.

If you still feel uncomfortable, we invite you to anonymize your resume before sending it to us by removing your name and other identifying information from the document.


What are the criteria used to include a resume writer on Resume Workshop?

We use multiple objective and subjective factors to vet a resume writer. Public reviews -- both quantity and aggregate rating from across many different websites -- is one objective factor. Years of experience is often, though not always, another. We also speak with many of the writers personally to experience their professionalism firsthand.


I'm a resume writer. How can I have my profile on Resume Workshop?

We carefully select the writers featured on Resume Workshop. If you are interested in being considered, please get in touch at help@resumeworkshop.com.


How much does it cost to write my resume?

To be clear, Resume Workshop itself does not write your resume. We are a marketplace to pair you with the independent professional who will write your resume.

The pricing among the writers featured on Resume Workshop varies quite a bit, from around $200 up to $1000 or higher.

Make sure to read our article: How Much Should a Professional Resume Writer Cost?


Is Resume Workshop a resume company?

No, not in the sense that we sell resume services.

We are instead a marketplace, and our job is to effectively match job seekers with the perfect resume writer.

So we don't sell anything to job seekers; we don't offer resume services directly.

Resume Workshop instead features the best resume writers from across the industry in one location, saving job seekers huge amounts of time and lowering the risk of writer selection.


What is the business model of Resume Workshop?

Resume Workshop earns revenue when a job seeker chooses to work with a resume writer they discover on the site.

This model ensures that our business only earns money when we do our job well, that is, help a job seeker identify the perfect resume writer for their needs.

It also ensures that we are incentivized to keep the quality of writers featured on the site high so that job seekers are as likely as possible to find a suitable writer when they use Resume Workshop.


What is your refund policy?

To be clear, Resume Workshop does not provide resume writing services. The purpose of this site is to help you identify the best resume writer for your needs. It is free to you; you never pay Resume Workshop money. You pay money only when and if you choose to work with a resume writer that we have recommended to you.

So, you would want to ask the individual resume writer whether he or she has a refund policy, as they are the service you will pay.

Spoiler alert: You will find that most resume writers do not offer refund policies. The hours they devote to producing a resume, in addition to the possibility that a client might claim to be unhappy with a resume while in fact proceeding to use it, means that for many resume writers a refund policy risks abuse and countless lost hours.


Do you offer guarantees?

The answer to this is similar to the answer above about whether we have a refund policy:

Resume Workshop does not provide resume writing services. Our purpose is only to pair you with the best resume writer for your needs.

So it will be that resume writer that you will want to ask about guarantees.

Some resume writers do offer limited guarantees, while others shy away from it.

See our article for more on this: Resume Writer Guarantees: Read the Fine Print

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