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What is a video resume review?

Your resume writer will record themselves reviewing your resume by video.

That means your resume will be on the screen and the reviewer's face will be overlaid in the corner so that they are visible as they talk you through your resume.

See some examples here.

Since it is recorded rather than a live conversation, the resume writer has the flexibility to do the review whenever it is convenient (within the 48-hour window of receiving the resume) rather than having to carve out a specific block on their calendar.

This is more convenient for you as well, since it spares you too from having to find availability on your calendar. You simply upload your resume and receive a link to your personalized video review within 48 hours.

If you'd rather speak live to a resume writer you like versus receiving the video resume review, that's fine too. Just make sure you select No to the relevant question on the Get Free Consultation form. That way we'll know to arrange a time for you to speak directly with the writer rather than sending them your resume for review.

Can I use Resume Workshop if I don’t yet have a resume?

Certainly. On the Get Free Consultation form, simply indicate that you do not have a resume to upload.

We will still pair you with a resume writer, who will produce your resume from scratch rather than basing their work off an existing resume.

Rather than a video resume review, your first interaction with that writer will be a conversation about your situation and needs.

Are the video resume reviews done live, as a conversation between me and the reviewer?

No, in most cases.

After you upload your resume, the resume writer will record a video of themselves reviewing it, and you will receive a link to that video.

The exception is when a resume writer does not offer free resume reviews to prospective clients. In that case, the free consultation takes the form of a phone call between the two of you, rather than the video resume review.

How quickly will I receive my resume review?

Writers on Resume Workshop typically prepare a video resume review within 48 hours and often more quickly than that.

You will receive an email with a link to the review when it is ready.

Can I receive more than two reviews?

The purpose of the resume reviews is to enable you to efficiently evaluate two vetted, hand-picked resume writers in order to then contract one of them to produce your resume.

If, after receiving your two reviews, you want to evaluate another writer or two, let us know at and we will likely arrange it. But please understand that we want to respect the writers’ valuable time and only request that they produce a video review for someone who is truly in the market for resume writing services.

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