Brian Holihan

Brian Holihan

Sunnyvale, CA
$300 range
Established in 2006
Years in Business
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Brian's reviews are filled with references to thoroughness and diligence.

Some clients reporting multiple meetings with him during which he delved deep into their professional background to understand every nuance. A talent for communication and the written word are also themes from many of his reviews (as is his vast personal library). Clients report feeling that Brian is truly invested in their success, and goes above and beyond to give job search guidance beyond the written words on the resume itself.

Before starting his resume writing practice, Brian was a recruiter for 10 years in Silicon Valley.

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Resume Services


I will be happy to give you a free résumé evaluation and to discuss your career objective.

My process from there will be flexible and driven by your unique needs.

We will interact closely to optimize your chances of being noticed and then hired. I’ll email your résumé to you several times as I keep improving it, and I’ll keep working until you’re completely satisfied with it. I never use subcontractors. I will always give you my best effort, and you’ll have full access to me during business hours.

Finally, I hope we’ll both enjoy the process. As a résumé writer and explorer of world cultures, I enjoy discovering people’s strengths and helping them enhance their creativity. I look forward to a stimulating exchange of ideas with you as I help you take the next step in your career.

Revision Policy

I’ll keep working on your résumé until you’re completely satisfied with it.

Free Resume Review

Brian does not provide free video resume reviews. Learn more.
Brian does provide free video resume reviews. Learn more.


Experience Levels Served

Students & Interns
Entry-level (0 – 2 yrs experience)
Mid-level (3 – 8 yrs experience)
Senior-level (8+ yrs experience)
Executive-level / C-suite
Career Transitions

Additional Career Services

I also write cover letters, webpages, LinkedIn profiles, and professional and personal bios. In addition, I’ve learned how job seekers can use their new résumés to influence interviews in their favor, and I can provide interview coaching.

Credentials & Awards

National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA)

Brian Holihan
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