Colin Ortstadt

Colin Ortstadt

Bay Area, California
$100 - $150
10+ years
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The dry bones: I’m a Job Developer for Contra Costa County.

I help people from a wide range of varied demographics and professions find jobs. I’ve been writing resumes and cover letters every day for over ten years. Formatting, font, a professional summary, key qualifications, meaningful skills, work experience and achievements -- these are all important components of a resume.

Sound kinda dry? Of course it does.

Let that dry feeling dissipate by engaging a creative thinker to do your dirty work. Give your past dimension in the present. No achievements?’re still alive. That’s an achievement! We won’t add it to your resume, but the answer should help you to start thinking outside of the box.

I’m a creative thinker/writer trained to extract the nuts and bolts of your work history and to give it texture in two dimensions. I’m a professional, and that’s how I work.

This is your ambition working for you.

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Resume Services


Do you have a resume that needs improving? Check. Need a resume from scratch? Double check. The process starts with a 30 minute phone call that will be well worth your time. I will acquaint myself with your talent and experience. Several shorter phone calls might follow at your convenience, but 30 minutes of your time is typically all I will need. I don’t use templates, as I find them restricting. Promise: You will receive a wholly original document designed to show off your skills and experience in a memorable and professional way.

Revision Policy

I have no cap on revisions. If within the first week of receiving your resume you require further feedback or revision, just let me know.

Free Resume Review

Colin does not provide free video resume reviews. Learn more.
Colin does provide free video resume reviews. Learn more.


Government, IT, SDRs, CSRs, HR, Management, Non-Profit, Executives, Admins, and Recent Graduates

Experience Levels Served

Students & Interns
Entry-level (0 – 2 yrs experience)
Mid-level (3 – 8 yrs experience)
Senior-level (8+ yrs experience)
Executive-level / C-suite
Career Transitions

Additional Career Services

I offer cover letter writing (be it mass market or company specific). I also offer interview preparation and mock interview services.

Credentials & Awards

Colin Ortstadt
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